Independent Educational Consultants and Tutors

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Parmelee Consulting 

"Under their direction, his GPA went up by over two full letter grades.  Under the tutelage of Parmelee & Parmelee, he accomplished success that neither the school system, doctors, psychologists, counselors, or other 'experts' were able to provide" D.G./Chagrin Falls

"Where Your Child Is Our Priority"

All tutors are experienced classroom teachers.  They are fully aware of state requirements and local curricula.  We provide services for all abilities, subjects, and grade levels.  

An Orton-Gillingham certified instructor is available to work with dyslexic children. A specialized program to assess and improve reading fluency, comprehension and vocabulary is offered through our Reading Plus program.  

For students of all ages, skills in time management, studying, test taking are emphasized. Instruction for note taking is offered.  Organizational skills for all ages are provided.  

Services Include:

  • Certified Instructor in Orton-Gillingham and Project Read programs

  • Specialized program to increase silent reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension (remediation and enrichment) - appropriate up to 18 school years

  • All tutors are experienced classroom teachers

  • Remediation, Maintenance or Enrichment at all grade levels and abilities

  • All instruction is one-on-one

  • Preparation for state assessments, private and parochial entrance exams

  • Study, test taking, note taking and organization skills are offered

  • Online coursework and correspondence work monitored and supported

  • Homeschooling