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About the Owner

Eileen M. Parmelee has the unparalleled experience of seeing the educational system from the inside and out.  She served as a teacher and administrator in the Chagrin Falls School District for 35 years.  Among her awards are: Chagrin Falls Teacher of the Year, Martha Holden Jenning's Scholar, Who's Who Among America's Teachers, Distinguished Service Award, Cambridge Who's Who of Executives and Professionals.  Eileen has presented educational initiatives at both the State and National Levels.

As owner of Parmelee & Parmelee for the past 9 years, Eileen has focused on advocating for the child and family.  She truly understands the trials and tribulations the family goes through in trying to secure for their child/children an education that recognizes "all children have special needs."  She has an excellent understanding of State and Federal Law regarding the rights of all students and the rights of special needs children under IDEA 2004.  Eileen works closely with neuropsychologists in the Greater Cleveland area.  She has been retained by various attorneys for insight into special education law.  

​Parents will gain a complete understanding of their child's rights per State and Federal law.  Eileen has attended school meetings with parents throughout Ohio.  Known as a true child advocate, Eileen Parmelee has dedicated her life to helping children and their families navigate the educational system.

Parmelee & Parmelee is the first of its kind in Northeast Ohio to have such a comprehensive view of children in their educational environment. We offer a holistic approach with a superior knowledge of school curriculums, detailed parent rights, state test standards, and individualized programming.

We are an independent company specializing in educational issues for the child and parents. When you hire us, you hire a personal coach, mentor, tutor, and consultant for you and your child.  Today's schools are complex with complex issues and regulations.  We are your specialists for educational issues. 

Reaching New Heights in Education